Poems by Scott Galloway

Photographs by Jay Galloway

Scheduled For Release by Solo Publications in 2003

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This page provides information on THE HORSES OF SAN ANDREAS, a book of poetry by Scott Galloway with photographs by Jay Galloway. Links are provided on this page to selected poems from The HORSES OF SAN ANDREAS. Links are also provided to information and writing from other other Solo Publications books.

Mt. Tamalpais Captured In Poetry and Photographs

THE HORSES OF SAN ANDREAS is scheduled to be published by Solo Publications in 2003. THE HORSES OF SAN ANDREAS is a collection of poems by Scott Galloway with photographs by Jay Galloway. The collection centers on Mt. Tamalpais in Central California. Situated in the Coast Range of California, Mt. Tamalpais rises 2,571 feet above sea level north west of San Francisco Bay. It is the most prominent natural landmark in the vicinity of San Francisco. The Mountain dominates the skyline in the North Bay Area.The spectacular scenery offered on the Mountain itself, and the sweeping views it provides of the cities of San Francisco Bay are an attraction to the residents of the densely urbanized San Francisco Bay Area.

Parks like Mt. Tamalpais State Park offer a perspective on our lives which may change our most fundamental concept of ourselves. The universe is both immense and infinitesimally small. It is both blissful peace and raging torrent. It is the swirling clouds of dust and exploding stars of the cosmos. It is the warmth of the sun on the leather back of a lizard lazing on a meadow stone on an August afternoon. The spirit of the universe is present in the meadowed slopes of Mt. Tamalpais. Parks like this park, mountains like this mountain, wilderness like this wilderness will keep us sane as a nation if only we will allow them.

The poems and photographs of THE HORSES OF SAN ANDREAS were assembled in a collection designed to point the way to the wilderness that waits in every corner of the universe and in every neuron of our human brains. Those who look deeply into the life of the Mountain and into themselves will find value in the wildness in nature and the wildness within themselves. They will find a value that makes wildness worth preserving. Occasionally, like the hikers in the poem "Pantoll," they will step beyond the threshold into the heart of wilderness. There they will find in the fierce confrontation between nature and the human soul, a more fundamental relationship with wilderness itself.

The heart of THE HORSES OF SAN ANDREAS is found in the twelve narrative poems or "meditations" in the second chapter. In the meditations, Scott Galloway explores the threshold wilderness experience available to all who visit Mt. Tamalpais State Park. Each of the twelve meditations describes a different geographic area of the Park. The meditations explore the human spirit and the relationship between wilderness and the human soul.

Photographer, Jay Galloway spent twelve years as a park ranger on Mt. Tamalpais. The collection of photographs presented in THE HORSES OF SAN ANDREAS represents the many moods and many seasons of the Mountain, as the photographer came to know it as a resident and a guardian. The photographs range from intimate forest scenes to panoramic views of the cities of the San Francisco Bay at night.

Copyright by Scott Galloway ©. 1996. All rights are reserved.

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