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Poetry and Photo Illustrations of the Big Sur Coast

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THE INFANT SKY, released by Solo Publications with an August 1, 1995 publication date, is an intimate study of the relationship of the human to the eternal. In the 56 poems of THE INFANT SKY Scott Galloway explores the nature of the universe. He finds a place for humanity in that universe. In the night sky above Big Sur, Mr. Galloway finds an appropriate metaphor for the human condition. In the title poem, he describes, "An infant Sky reaching out... with bright searching eyes, seeking stimulus, having received from the void, no reflection, each star, each planet, each creature receiving the pure true light of a million other searching infants... seeking communion, one with another, receiving no echo, but only the pure song, the pure voice of the universe."

Although the poems describe a universe that is beyond human dimension, that universe is alive and conscious. It is by no means indifferent. In the Universe of THE INFANT SKY there is a unifying principle, and that principle is the spirit of being. In this universe, as Mr. Galloway has written "All that is animate, the mountains and the sea, and all contained within them are filled with the Spirit. Its fire, its life burns through them."

THE INFANT SKY is filled with reminiscences from over 40 years of wandering the Big Sur Coast. Included are lighter poems like Of Human Hands, which describes a day spent harvesting mussels from the rocks at Garrapata and a shell fish feast on the beach under a starlit sky, and An Honest Woman, which describes a day of painting the canyon of the Big Sur River. Other poems deal with weightier topics like love (The Man of Frogs); peace (On Raven’s Wings); human individuality (The Solitary Coast); and the nature of time and eternity (From the Blood of Whales, In The Cauldron of Time, and In The Phase Of Being).

With the exception of two poems in the third chapter of the book, all of the poems in The Infant Sky were written between 1990 and 1995. The majority of the poems in the book were written in 1994.

THE INFANT SKY is accented by fifteen photo illustrations by the author, based on his original oil paintings of the Big Sur Coast.

205 pages, fifteen photo illustrations

ISBN: 0-941709-06-X Softcover —Cover Price (retail) $10.95

ISBN: 0-941709-07-8 Hardcover—Cover Price (retail) $24.95

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