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Lapworth 24 Gladiator Brochure

The four pages of an early 1960s Continental Plastics Corporation Gladiator brochure are reproduced on this page. The photographs and text of the brochure were provided in the original format by Phil Jay, who wrote testimonial #3 on the main Lapworth 24 Gladiator page about the Lapworth Gladiator "Cestus, hull #21.

The text on this page has been reformatted and presented in text form rather than in image format to reduce loading time and to improve the readability of the text on-line. The original spelling and grammar have been retained. The images posted on this page range from 100KB to 300 KB. Original images range from 900 KB to 1.1 MB.

Lapworth Gladiator 24 Brochure
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Lapworth Gladiator 24 Brochure
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Optional feature - Large new "Flip Top" Main Hatch allows full standing head room in main cabin when raised.


LOA 24' 0"
LWL 20' 0"
Beam 7' 6"
Draft 4' 0"
Head Room 4' 9"
Displacement 3850
Ballast (Lead) 2050
CCA 19.1
MORF 19.1
Pacific 246

Sail Prices

Main 150sq ft 6.5 oz Dacron $218.00
Jib (working) 120sq ft 5.0oz Dacron $131.00
Jib #2 77sq ft 5.0 oz Dacron $96.50
Genoa 175 sq ft 3.25 oz Dacron $181.00
Spinnaker 350 sq ft .75oz Nylon $183.00

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Lapworth Gladiator 24 Brochure
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CONSTRUCTION: Quality marine fiberglass hull and deck; non skid deck grid surface; wide choice of hull and deck colors.

MAST AND RIGGING: Extruded aluminum mast and boom (6061-T-6); roller reefing; gooseneck with downhaul; spreader and jumper assembly; stainless steel standing rigging with swagged fittings; bronze turnbuckles; main and jib halyards of stainless steel with dacron tails; preset wire boom lift; Dacron running rigging.

HARDWARE: All required blocks and deck fittings for working sails; cockpit sheet winches; bronze mooring cleats and chocks fore and aft.

VENTILLATION: Two fiberglass hatches, main companionway plus translucent forward deck hatch.

INTERIOR: Varnished mahogany cabinets and headliner; polyfoam filled, vinyl covered bunk pads, wide choice of colors; large storage areas under berths; carpet on cabin sole. ACCOMODATIONS: Double berth forward 6' 6" X 2' 7"; two quarter berths aft 6' 7" X 2' 4"; mahogany hanging locker, walk in Head area that can be completely enclosed. GALLEY: 33" X 35" counter with sink; 10 gallon water tank; pump; ice box in counter, with drain, or flush stove receptacle; mahogany cabinets and drawers; large lockers. COCKPIT: 9' X 6" seating area; self bailing cockpit (MORF), easy access seat locker for outboard and storage, aft seat Lazarette, laminated spruce and mahogany tiller; water tank filler deck plate.

MISCELLANEOUS: Numerous other special convenience items. Compare the standard equipment and then the price with other boats in and above her class.

Standard Boat Price ..$4,750.00

Prices subject to change

FOB Factory

Editor's note: The words, non-skid, Dacron, and swaged appear as spelled in the brochure.

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Lapworth Gladiator 24 Brochure
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This proven design by William C. Lapworth and the quality fiberglass construction of Continental Plastics Corporation are masterfully blended to give you a winner in the Gladiator 24. Whether you intend to daysail (there is an extra large cockpit); race (she is winning trophies on both coasts) or cruise (the same hull went to Hawaii in 15 days) this seakindly yacht will give you and your family a lifetime of maintenance free fun afloat. Even if you do not intend to race; remember, these same winning qualities are the qualities that make a boat safe, seaworthy and responsive.

Her capabilities and possibilities of use are far beyond other boats in her size and price range because of the high ballast to total displacement ratio, which makes her stiff, dry, and seaworthy regardless of weather. Her flush deck design results in amazing space below for her footage and an unclluttered deck for sunbathing or sail handling. The interior is custom designed with the first mate in mind.

The Gladiator was designed by one of the world's finest Naval Architects. We use the finest materials available and take the time that is necessary to build your boat right, assuring quality in every detail. The result is a yacht you'll will be as proud to own, as we are to build.

Continental Plastics Corp.
2011 Placentia Ave.
Costa Mesa California MI 6-3215

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