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Information from the printed brochure on the Marieholm 26 is presented on this page.The majority of the text and photos in the "The Idea Behind the Marieholm 26" and the "More Information on the Marieholm 26" sections of this page are from that brochure.

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The Idea Behind the Marieholm 26


The Marieholm 26 is an offshore cruiser, a spacious family boat with all the comforts necessary for pleasant holiday sailing. She is, without a doubt a perfect sailing boat, (adapted to our special coast), a coast consisting of beautiful small inlets and wide unsheltered fjords, where capricious winds blow.

Marieholm 26 has a great advantage with its 7/8ths rig. The mast is relatively tall, which enables her to sail effectively even in narrow passages of the archipelago. She has a fantastic ability for sail close windedness and can be sailed in conditions where other boats prefer to use their engines. Nevertheless, Marieholm 26 is a boat that is just as much at home in more open waters, where the full effects of the sea and wind are felt. The long keeled hull with classic slender lines, makes her extremely stable and responsive in all seas.


Four persons live in comfort onboard, both above and below deck. The boat is, however, perfectly adapted for single-handed sailing, everything being within easy reach of the helmsman. Marieholm is a new family cruiser based on a proven design, of which more than 3,500 examples have been built.

She is designed by Tord Sundén as a development of the IF boat - the world's largest racing class for yachts.

Marieholm 26 has 7/8ths rig, spacious cabin and diesel engine as standard - a perfect boat for the Swedish archipelago - an offshore cruiser.

--based on the Marieholm 26 brochure published by Marieholm Bruk

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More Information on the Marieholm 26


--Based on information in the Marieholm 26 brochure published by Marieholms Bruk and on the sailguide page: http://www.sailguide.com/

Model Number LOA LWL Beam Displ Ballast
Marieholm 26 8.00 m 6.15 m 2.20 m 8.75 kg / 2.5 ton 4.03 kg / 1.15 ton

LOA = Length Overall = Längd överallt
LWL= Length at Waterline = Längd i vattenlinjen
Beam = Width = Bredd
Displ = Displacement = Deplacement
Ballast = Weight of Ballast (iron keel) = Långköl (järn)


The cabin is snug and amazingly spacious, with everything necessary for four adults to be able to live in comfort for even the longest holidays.

A well-planned galley.
Great emphasis has been placed on the galley design. It is well equipped with proper working surfaces and lockers for food, utensils etc. and a special cutlery drawer.

The gimbaled stove is conveniently situated. Above the sink is a fresh water tap operated by a foot pump. There is an icebox in the galley and further cool stowage for fresh food is to be found in the keel storage space.


The saloon sits six people in comfort.
The full-length saloon settee berths have comfortably reclining backrests. Six people can sit easily around the table, and with the table folded away there is clear Passage between the cabin and forepeak.

Room and stowage for everyone and everything.
Apart from the many drawers, lockers and compartments for all the general equipment needed onboard there is plenty of personal stowage space for every crewmember. Large stowage space under each bunk, two separate wardrobes - one for hanging clothes and one with shelves.

Separate toilet is situated on the starboard side adjacent to the wardrobe. The space is functional and well planned and a chemical toilet is included as standard.

marie26sail3.gif Marieholm 26 - A proven design


A hull with good sailing qualities is usually beautiful.
Marieholm 26 has both good sailing qualities and beauty. One can understand why appreciating the simple, smooth lines of the hull as shown on the lines plan drawing. Naturally she is long-keeled enabling her to maintain a steady course. Drift is minimal therefore this quality being most apparent at low speeds.


More than 50% of the boat's total weight lies in the keel.
This is another secret behind the exceptional sailing qualities of the Marieholm 26. the cast iron ballast is completely encased and sealed in the keel.


Good utilization of Space.
By placing the cockpit as far aft as possible, we have been able to take full advantage of the boat's length, thus making both cabin and cockpit extra spacious.


Comfortable Cockpit.
You will sit very well in the cockpit. The coamings are comfortably inclined and so formed that it is easy to sit on them. From the cockpit you have a clear line of vision foreword.


Substantial tanks for fuel and water.
Both water and fuel takes are situated so that filling up can be done with a minimum of fuss - the water tank in the forepeak and the fuel tank in the cockpit. Length 8.00 m, breadth 2.20m, sail area 26m2, draft 1.24m.


Easily handled 7/8ths rig.
Marieholm is an off-shore cruiser, a perfect sailing boat for our coastal waters with many islands and small inlets. The 7/8ths rig is effective and easy to handle, requiring no great physical strength to either set, trim, or haul down the foresail. You can, furthermore, sail her by only using the mainsail.


Aluminum Framed Windows.
The windows are made of thick safety glass securely mounted in aluminum frames. There is no risk of windows being crushed in.


Security of a 7.5 hp Volvo Diesel Engine.
When the wind fails and you wish to come to harbor as quickly as possible it is reassuring to have a substantial inboard engine. The engine in Marieholm 26 is a Volvo Penta diesel MD-5, 7.5 hp. It is placed under the cockpit in a sound insulated compartment with good accessibility for servicing.

The cleat panel plays an important role in enabling you to keep halyards, tails, and etc. tidy.


Mandatory Navigation lamps Are Standard


--Based on the Marieholm 26 brochure published by Marieholm Bruk

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Reviews of the Marieholm 26

We will appreciate owner comments and reviews on the Marieholm 26 Boat. We also welcome photos of Marieholm boats.

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