The Yosemite Poems of Scott Galloway

Photographs by Jay Galloway

Published by Solo Publications

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This page provides information on VEIL OF MIST by Scott Galloway and links to selected poems from VEIL OF MIST as well as links to information and writing from other other books by Scott Galloway.

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All text and photographic images are copyrighted. Copyright by Scott Galloway© 1987 Copyright by Scott Galloway © 1996. All rights are reserved. No poem or section of a poem, no graphic image, and no photographic image or portion of a photographic image may be copied, printed, distributed or used for any commercial or business purpose, or for the purpose of distribution electronically or in any other form without the express written permission of the author.

VEIL OF MIST, published by Solo Publications in 1987, is a collection of poems by Scott Galloway and photographs by Jay Galloway of the the Yosemite Region in California. The 74 poems and 27 photographs of VEIL OF MIST parallel the journey of the Merced River from the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range to the snow covered crest where the river is born amid peaks and glaciers. On this journey, the five chapters of the book explore human relevance to the environment.

Scott Galloway's poetry represents a search for a state of vision in which the human soul gains access to the natural and in which the natural flows ionto the huiman; a vortex through which the human soul passes into light. In this search, Mr. Galloway takes us on a narrative journey into the heart of the Sierra Nevada Montain Range.

The work of photographer, Jay Galloway, captures the various moods of mountain light as the sun plays among the leaves of Autumn in the Merced River Canyon and paints patterns of contrast on the peaks of the high Sierra.

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