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Books on Central California environmental and bioregional concerns,
books of poetry, non fiction books and books on the craft of pottery

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Information on Solo Publications

Welcome to the Solo Publications On Line web site. We publish books dealing with Central California environmental and bio regional concerns. Solo Publications publishes books of poetry, non fiction books and books on the craft of pottery.

Our books may be purchased directly from us by mail using your company purchase order form , or our Mail In Order Form at the following address:

Solo Publications
214 Wilkes Circle
Santa Cruz, California 95060

This page includes information on books by Solo Publications, links to additional information on Solo Publication's books, links to selections from our books, links to works in progress which have not yet been published in book form, a link to our Mail In Order Form, and a link to our email order form

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Greeting Cards


Selected poems from THE PLACE OF MANY VOICES

Web Published Works By Solo Publications (links to On Line Poetry and Prose)

How To Order Books

You may order books from Solo Publications by email to
You may find it even more convenient to use our email order form. The order form includes a price list and discount schedule. You can also order Solo Publications books by mail to:

Solo Publications
214 Wilkes Circle
Santa Cruz, California 95060

For surface mail, you may find it helpful to use the Mail In Order Form on our Mail Order Page. Just fill it out, print it and mail it to us. All orders over $50.00 and all private party (retail price) orders must be prepaid, or must send three trade and one bank reference. We accept checks or money orders, but do not accept credit cards.

Bookstores, libraries and government agencies may order Solo Publications books through Baker & Taylor at 251Mt. Olive Church Rd. Commerce, GA 30599-1100, Attn: Ordering Department SAN: 169-1503.

Baker & Taylor,,can also be contacted by email at

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Book Return Policy for Commercial Buyers

1. Books sold directly by Solo Publications are returnable. Thank you for giving us some of your valuable shelf space, but if a title isn't moving in your market, you can return a book to us within a year of our invoice date, provided that the edition is still in print.

2. All returns must be requested so that we may issue detailed packing and shipping instructions.

3. Books not not directly sold by Solo Publications are not eligible for refunds by Solo Publications.

4. Returned books will qualify for refund only if the books arrive at our address in good resaleable condition. If books are not resaleable, please do not return them. Jacketed books must be returned in undamaged original jacket to be eligible for refund.

5. Notice of shortage or nonreceipt must be made within thirty (30) days of shipping/invoice date for domestic shipments (USA), and within 60 days for foreign shipments.

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Price Schedule For Resale and Quantity Purchases

1 BookNo Discount
2 Books20% off
3 to 24 Books40% off
25 or More Books50% off

Place an order or send for additional information by email,
Place an order using our email Order Form
Place an order using our Mail In Order Form (print and mail)

California dealers must list their resale number with their order.

If you decide to mail in you order, please submit orders on the form printed from this page, or on your company letterhead or purchase order.

All orders over $50.00 and all private party (retail) orders must be prepaid, or send three trade and one bank reference.

Term on credit orders is net 30 days from date of invoice. Finance charge of 1 1/2% per month to all overdue balances over 60 days

Copyright Information

All web pages published by Solo Publications, are copyrighted. Copyright © by Scott Galloway 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, and 2000. All rights are reserved. No page or section of a page of this website and no graphic or photographic image or section of a graphic or photographic image, may be copied, printed, distributed or used for any commercial, business or other purpose, including the purpose of distribution electronically or in any other form without the express written permission of the copyright holder.

All background and image graphics with the exception of push pins are copyrighted, copyright © Scott Galloway 1996, 1997,1998, 1999 and 2000. All rights are reserved.

The backgrounds on these pages are produced by Solo Publications from photographs from a variety of sources and from original artwork.

Information onTHE INFANT SKY and links to selected poems
Information onVEIL OF MIST and links to selected poems
Web Published Works Selections From Solo Publications Books on our "Selections Page.
All text on this page is copyrighted © by Scott Galloway 1996. All rights are reserved.

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