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The sole purpose of this page is to provide a portal for access to information on Marieholm boats and specifically the Marieholm International Folkboat. Toward that end links are provided to other IF Boat and Marieholm 26 web sites.

This site has no affiliation with any manufacturer of sailboats. The contents provided in the reviews sections below or in letters to this page are the opinions of those who wrote them and not the opinions of the author of this page.

Information from a printed brochure on the the Marieholm IF Boat is provided on this page. The majority of the text and photos in the "The marieholm IF Boat" and the "More Information on the Marieholm IF Boat" sections of this page are from that brochure.

Special thanks and appreciation go to Greg & Christine Vassilakos, who posted the brochure of the International Folkboat on their page: http://www.geocities.com/Yosemite/Forest/2137/ifatkin/ifatkin.html. The contents of that brochure made this page possible.

We will appreciate any corrections, additions or other suggestions for improving this web page.Links to other sites dealing with Marieholm boats are also appreciated.

Marieholm International Folk Boat


The International Folkboat

Following the worldwide success of the wooden lapstrake Nordic Folkboat, it was natural that Marieholms should commission designer Tord Sundén to redesign the boat for fiberglass construction. The International Folkboat (IF Boat in Europe) appeared in 1969. Very wisely, the sea-kindly, time tested lines were retained while using the (then) newer material to achieve a more graceful profile, more interior room, and more sail area for better light air performance.

Her sailing credentials are superb. One would expect a Scandinavian boat to be a good heavy weather sailor, but many a skipper of a modern racer has been surprised at her light air abilities. With her long keel, fine lines and 7/8th rig, she can sail hands off. The little ace of single handlers!

Construction is of sturdy hand laid up fiberglass with a large overlapping deck-to-hull joint and ample mast support. Encapsulated iron ballast of 2,750 lbs is over 50% of her displacement of approximately 5,000 lbs.

The standard boat has an ingenious well for the outboard engine. The engine can be withdrawn and stored in the lazarette. A filler plug closes the well opening for faster sailing. A diesel inboard engine can be provided at cost.

--Based on the Marieholm International Folkboat brochure published by Atkins Yachts in the 1970s

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More Information on the Marieholm International Folkboat



The version of the specifications published on the International Folkboat Page:http://www.clickbert.com/IFboat/ published by Ken Kurlychek. The International Folkboat Page has many links and technical tips on the IF Boat.

LOA 25' 10"
LWL 19' 10"
Beam 7' 5"
Draft 4' 0"
Displacement 4740 lbs.
Ballast 2750
Ballast/Displacement 58%
Cabin headroom 4' 8"
Freeboard forward 3' 1"
Freeboard aft 2' 2"
Sail Area 280 sq. ft.
Genoa IFRA 161 sq. ft.
MORC rating 16.2

The version of the specifications printed in the Folkboat brochure

LOA 25'10"
LWL 19'10"
Beam 7'4"
Draft 3'11"
Displacement 5,000 lb
Ballast 2,750 lbs
Sail Area 27 sq ft.


Teak interior; 2- 8' berths in main cabin, 2- 6'1" berths forward; self-contained head; Origo 2 burner alcohol stove; teak cabin/cockpit table; 12v lighting; hanging locker on port side; shelf lockers port and starboard.

Standard International Folkboat includes Main and Working Jib; anodized spars, internal halyards led aft on coach roof; main sheet traveler; separate blocks for genoa and working jib; boom vang and internal outhaul. Tracer lines in mast for addition of spinnaker gear. Oiled teak interior; fabric insulator-liner, berth cushions. Pull out galley includes sink and stove. 28 gallon water tank. Drop front lockers, stowage under all berths, hanging lockers and shelves. Standard color is off-white with red waterline and cove stripe. marieifbrosail2.gif

1. Adjustable backstay
2. Boom outhaul
3. Cunningham
4. Boom vang
5. Tiller extension
6. Main sheet tackle
7. Cleats and halyards
8. Winch for main sail
9. Winch for jib halyard
10. Main sheet traveler
11. jib sheet winches
12. Track, working jib
13. Cleat for spinnaker sheets
14. Foreguy attachment

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History of The Marieholm International Folkboat

A History of the International Folkboat is located on the The Swedish IF-boat Association site:http://www.ifboat.com/indexe.htm

Reviews of the Marieholm IF Boat

We will appreciate owner comments and reviews on the Marieholm IF Boat. We also welcome photos of Marieholm boats.

The Folkboat: Little beauty with a big heart-- by John Vigor
-- From the Jan-Feb 2000 issue of Good Old Boat
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