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Marieholm International Folk Boat Photos

The Marieholm IF Boat "Parzifal" of Alameda California

Owned by William Talgorn. Parzifal was was built in 1971 in Sweden, Her title bore the number US21. Her sails have the number 637. She has a BMW D7 engine.

William Talgorn writes, "It is blowing all summer between 20 and 30 knots here, and she always does an amazing job at keeping me safe and sound, whatever the weather conditions. It is really a very strong, surdy, seaworthy boat with a real gentle motion, even in 6 feet waves being so close together as we get them in the bay when the tide is contrary to the wind. I have the workshop manual for my BMW D7 engine. I could make a copy of it or scan it if somebody would be interested."

You may contact WilliamTalgorn at williamtalgorn@hotmail.com

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