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How To Order Books

You may order books from Solo Publications by mail to:

Solo Publications
214 Wilkes Circle
Santa Cruz, California 95060

You may find it helpful to use the Mail In Order Form on our Mail Order Page. Just fill it out, print it and mail it to us. All orders over $50.00 and all private party (retail price) orders must be prepaid, or must send three trade and one bank reference. We accept checks or money orders, but do not accept credit cards.

Solo Publications publishes books dealing with environmental and bio regional concerns. Solo Publications publishes books of poetry, and non fiction books dealing with the environment and books on the craft of pottery. You will also find us listed in Books in Print found in most bookstores and libraries.

Solo Publications also publishes The Central California Poetry Journal.. The Journal publishes poetry by poets who reside in or write about Central California. All poems featured in the Journal have been submitted by the poets represented. Poets wishing to submit poems for consideration may email no less than one and no more than three poems of any length to the Journal.

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Copyright Information

All text and graphic images with the exception of lines and push pins are copyrighted. Copyright by Scott Galloway ©. 1996. All rights are reserved. No poem or section of a poem, and no graphic image or portion of a photographic image may be copied, printed, distributed or used for any commercial, business or other purpose without the express written permission of the author.

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